Independent Catastrophic Psychiatry Report

Independent Catastrophic Psychiatry Report. Have you every written any Independent Catastrophic Psychiatry Report? The report requires extensive knowledge of DSM5 and AMA 6th edition to award a WPI (Whole Person Impairment Ratings). If yes then could you please share with me your work?

You have to read the whole report and the diagnosis provided by a psychiatrist. Based on the diagnosis you will then formulate a WPI ratings. Based on the diagnosis and the screening question including GAF, BPRS etc you have to do the WPI calculation and provide a score.

  1. You will receive a very basic report including all type of testing questionnaires answered.
  2. The psychiatrist will provide you with the diagnosis as well.
  3. Based on the whole report and the diagnosis along with the screening questionnaire you have to provide the WPI.

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