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Why Select us for Literature Review. Writing a good literature review is critical for any student as it helps one to demonstrate an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the field subject. The primary purpose of the practice is to test the ability to collect relevant information and synthesize it in an organized manner. In addition, the student should be able to make his or her argument and present an original paper. A literature review can take different forms depending on the field of study. However, it should identify gaps in the literature review and inform the methodology or research design. Time is a crucial aspect when writing a paper. At Quality Essays, we understand that it can be challenging to maintain high-quality work while balancing school and personal life.

Basic Structure of a Literature Review


The goal of an abstract is to offer the reader an overview of the literature review content. It should include a brief background of the research topic, an existing gap, and discrepancies that will be covered. In addition, it should include the findings and how they broadly relate to the context topic.


In this section, the student is supposed to explain the research topic and define key terms or topics that will be discussed in the paper. The reader should also understand why the topic is important. The last section discusses the purpose or aim of the review. It can also include a hypothesis. The last sentence ought to be a thesis statement.


The body entails a summary and synthesis of relevant literature. It is crucial to ensure that the sources are combined coherently to inform the research question. The student should also include a personal interpretation of the sources and note the strengths or weaknesses. One common mistake that students make is merely describing the literature findings. While it is significant to describe the key findings, an analysis of the emerging themes helps to identify an existing gap in the topic.


The concluding paragraph demonstrates how the literature review achieves the aim of the research. The student should also restate the major key points and link them to the primary research question. Based on the topic, one can also offer recommendations.

How Should I Organize My Research in Literature Review?

There are different ways to organize a literature review content depending on what one is trying to achieve. Common approaches include chronological, thematic, theoretical, or methodological.

Tips For Writing a Good Literature Review

Identify the Topic

This is probably the most critical step as it determines the significance of the literature review. The topic should be relevant and should be informed by a central question. A research topic should be narrow to determine a specific direction for the paper. At Quality Essays, we guide students by suggesting various engaging topics to guide your search.

Choosing Research Articles

After identifying the research topic, the next step should be to search the articles used to write the paper. To simplify the process, we recommend using relevant keywords to collect valid and reliable scholarly sources. While it may be time-consuming to read the entire article you find, reading the abstract can help you determine whether it is worth including in the paper. Our team of professionals has access to scientific databases such as EBSCO host and Jstor, which guarantees a high-quality literature review paper.

Take Noted of Key Ideas and Gaps

Before writing the literature review, use available sources to determine the relationship between studies and identify an existing gap. This step helps you to understand how you will organize the existing knowledge to make a meaningful contribution to your field of study.

Create an Outline

Writing an outline is a critical step as it helps properly organize the body. It also offers a rough idea of what you will write and ensures you do not miss anything. At Quality Essays, we guide a student to write an outline that helps visualize the layout of the literature review.

Proofread and Edit your Work

When writing a literature review, it is common to make grammar and spelling mistakes. Thus, it is essential to spend substantial time making the necessary corrections. Quality Essays takes the proofreading and editing process seriously, as we understand it impacts the overall grade.

Why Choose Us

We Deliver High-Quality Papers

At Quality Essays, we strive to offer the best services to students. Our team of professionals has vast experience in writing literature review papers from different study fields. We are also keen to follow specific guidelines to meet requirements and provide excellent services.

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Considering that students are given a certain duration to complete a literature review paper, we understand that time is of the essence. Our professional writers can complete the paper within a single day. However, depending on the urgency, the period can be shorter or longer.