Youth Justice System

Youth Justice System


  1. What is the significance of this topic to your nursing career?
  2. Why do you and your classmates need to know anything about this topic?


Please use the below resources and any additional resources you can find to gather information on Youth Justice System. In doing so please also answer questions above and below. Please remember to cite all sources used.

Gather as much information as you can on juvenile Justice System. Below you will also find some questions to answer that is a starting point to gathering information on the above topic.

Please keep in mind this research is based on Ontario Canada. Or more specifically Toronto Canada. All research should be based on Canadian findings.


how has the youth justice system changed

Youth Justice System

How many youths are incarcerated at this time?

How many youths are currently not in school?

How many youths are in foster care?

How many youths are in alternative schools?

How many youths are in group homes?

What resources or programs are out there to assist youth or lack thereof?

Up to what age is considered youth?

Is there a jail specifically for youth?

What age does the justice system make a youth go to jail rather than an alternate punishment?

What is juvenile Justice System?


How does the youth justice system work in Canada?

Young people Justice System


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College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO)





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