Young Children’s Concepts Of Death

Objectives: To explore the young child’s understanding of death
Type/Length of Activity: Create a brochure
Time to complete: Variable

         >Research: Look for books and journal, magazines, newspaper or internet articles that discuss ways of explaining death to a child. You might also find some children’s books, written to help children with this very issue.
          >Create a Brochure: Based on your research, write a brochure that gives parents and caregivers very concrete and specific suggestions for helping a child understand death. Give tips for adults who will be helping a child cope with the bereavement period.
           >What do I turn in? 1. A reference page listing the sources of your information in APA format. 2. A brochure that could be distributed to parents/caregivers of the grieving child. The brochure should involve one sheet of paper, but you can fold it any way you would like. You can fold it once for a booklet style or fold it in thirds for a tri-fold. Both sides of the paper can contain material. You can be creative in terms of the way you present the material, but stick to one sheet of paper. Be sure to put your name on the brochure.

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