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toyes as agents of socilazation   
Toys as Agents of Socialization
Take a trip to your local toy store or a large department store with a toy section.  Address each of the following questions with regard to both girls’ and boys’ toys.

1.  Observe packaging.  What colors are used to indicate gender?  What words or phrases are used?  Why is this important?
2.  What cultural norms/values are represented or supported by girls toys?  By boys toys?
3.  What types of behaviors are encouraged by girls’ toys?  By boys’ toys?  
4.  Did you find any gender neutral toys?  How did you determine they were gender neutral?
5.  Overall, how might toys influence choices as individuals move beyond playing with toys?  Does playing with toys have any connection to issues of self-esteem, capability, and/or career choices?

Your essay should be between 4-6 paragraphs. 
Give specific examples. 
You must inlcude at least one outside reference source in addition to the textbook.  Properly cite your sources.

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