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Chapter 12 Workshop Answers:
1.  3-4 inches
This answer was interesting to me that the book gave, clearly, I was way off.  But I was not confident about that answer at all so that is okay.
2.  Answer D.
I said it was different because it was the only figure with 3 points but I almost chose F because it looks so different from the others.  
3.  I said no to this, obviously if a company is developing the same drone that is better and cheaper there is no point to completing the rest of the project.  It will just be a waste of more money.
4.  I had no idea about this one, I just saw a bunch of numbers and guessed 476 which was way, way off.  I acted too quickly as the textbook said.
5.  I definitely guessed he would be more emotional because of how the book described him as envious, stubborn, critical, and impulsive.  I was influenced by initial impressions.
6.  I chose alternatives A & D.  I chose A because I really do not need to win that money but if I did win the $1000 that would be cool.  I chose D because I would not want to lose $1000.
This workshop was interesting, I do not think it is very accurate but it made me look at how I do things a little differently.  I feel like I may weigh out my decisions more now before I choose what to do in my life choices.

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