You need to read the PPT and watch some videos, understand the knowledge and write a writing assignment

Here is the requirement about the writing assignment: 
Appendix A. Format for Writing Assignment
For each module that the writing task is assigned respond to the following questions:
1. What are the three most important takeaways/lessons from the material provided in this module? (100 words or more). 
2. How is the material provided in this module is helping your grow as a student and as an individual, in general? (100 words or more).
3. What was your favorite idea that you came across in the material provided in this module? (100 words or more). 
4. Drawing on the material that was provided what else would you like to know? What other related questions/ideas/topics would you like to explore in the future? (100 words or more).

Then answer the discussion:     Public private partnerships have become a very popular form of financing public project. Discuss in detail at least one risk/weakness/issue associated with such financing options (please, make sure to follow the discussion guidelines provided in the syllabus).  

Here is the requirement about the disscussion:  Interaction and participation are very important. Given the structure of the course, one cannot learn if one does no actively engage in discussions. For the discussion sessions students are expected to make at least two entries – one in response to the questions provided in the prompt (discussion threat) and one in response to an entry made by a colleague. Each entry should be a minimum of 250 words in length. Hence, between the two entries – 500 words in total. 

Here is the Link of videos:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khDAji7dXw0