World War I has been called the “Great War”

World War I has been called the “Great War” because of the novelty of warfare and also because of the immense destructiveness of this war. These characteristics were especially
evident in the following features:
• Trench warfare
• Economic warfare
• Role of home front, including women’s contribution
• Weaponry and strategy
• War propaganda
• Attitudes towards war
Discuss each of these features in detail, and use specific examples from both the chapter on
World War I in Western Civilizations (course textbook) and the assigned readings in
Perspectives from the Past. 

Trench warfare is the most unique feature of the First World War (Cole & Symes, 2017). Trench warfare was widely used along the western front during the Great War.  The trench system was extensive and complicated comprising of many interlinking lines of trenches. The trenches were built to hinder any enemy assault while allowing the military personnel to escape attacks. The trench warfare was used as a form of defensive warfare meant to stop enemy advances. This type of war was dangerous and led to the death of millions of the military personnel. “First World war” (n.d) states that by 1918, millions of soldiers had died while the lives of the civilians left at home were undeniably disrupted. 

The attacks on trenches came from grenades, machine guns, poisonous gas and underground mines. Also, the war was difficult because of the fighting and the conditions of the trenches. The military personnel in the trenches endured harsh conditions ranging from exposure to explosives and trenches filled with mud and water to pest infestation, poor waste disposal and diseases.

The First World War demanded mobilization of all the resources to the war (Cole & Symes, 2017). Human resources were channeled into the war front. Most nations had trained military personnel to take part in the war. Most of the resources were redirected from the less necessary activities to participate in the Great War. Additionally, numerous industries were built up to produce guns, shells, uniforms, airplanes, war ships, and other weapons required in the war.

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