Workplace diversity and corporate culture

Workplace diversity and corporate culture. Organizations often have a “corporate culture” or very identifiable values, traits, or markers in the organization. They have a certain kind of environment, norms of behavior or “reputation” that is known. Can you think of any examples??

Cultural Relativism

A concept that requires an individual to consider the actions, traits, and beliefs within their own cultural context to gain a better perspective on their attitude and understanding of another’s culture (maintaining objectivity, not judging other’s values and beliefs as “good” or “bad”).

Workforce Diversity

Sociologists categorize generational groups into cohorts- members of a generational time span who are linked by shared life events and experiences in their formative years. Leaders in organizations have to manage a multi-generational workforce. Each generation reacts to the other  – may deem values and behaviors of others as “flawed” instead of culturally different.

The Leadership Reflection Assignment should be 3–4 paragraphs in length to a minimum of 500 words in length.
Select a current peer-reviewed article in nursing, health care, or a related field on workplace diversity or cultural competence and write a summary of the article’s important points, and discuss the article’s relevance to creating a diverse workplace and nursing leadership.
Please ensure that you select an article published within the last five years.
This annotated bib review should be 3-4 paragraphs in length. You should write a total of 250-500 words for the entire assignment.


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(1) WEBSITES:  Agency for Healthcare Research and,  Healthy People  The Joint Commission=, National Center for Healthcare

(2) Culture, Language and Health Literacy HRSA website =


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