work statement /experience

 two examples of your work from within the last three (3) years (e.g. executive summary of a written report, slide presentation, memo, or other short – no more than three pages – written communications piece)

My experience :  full time student , Ashford University BA in Organizational Management  

Floral experience /employment  :   
· Water outside
· Scan out older product from yesterday markdowns 
· Check for distressed plants flowers
· Scan out unsellable product when necessary 
· Make sure all fresh cut flowers are down in in water then pull out newer cut flowers from back cooler to fill up.
· Clean and wash all rose buckets and bouquet buckets then fill up. 
· Make arrangements if necessary. 
· Fill balloon displays/ blow up new balloons if necessary
· Check and water plants inside if necessary
· Water seasonal plants such as Hydrangeas and Mums
· Clean-up and straighten cooler for delivery truck next day. 
· Sweep inside and outside
· Fill up rose bouquets and grower’s choice display without over-packing buckets. 
· Clean case /arrangement glass shelving.
· Fill all supplies {latex balloons, ribbon clips, wire and other supplies if needed. 
· Process truck. Start with plants, cut flowers, and then bouquet boxes, Price any new product that needs to be priced. 
· Upgrade plants with bows if necessary 
· Put expiration date that it expires on each bucket with marker and grower choice. 
· Place all flowers and growers choice from closest date to further date

Volunteer service:   

Assist in rotating and stocking food pantry
Presort/organize clothes, and other items in the      thrift store 
Conducted cordial interactions with individuals      being assisted.
Assist elderly guest on Market Day
Pantry maintenance and stocking
Pre-sorting and presorting food goods
Planned and organized      events 
Created event      flyers/posters for the campus
Photography around the      campus for event flyers

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