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Review the Michaels and Thorne article. Focus on strategies for effective interpersonal communication skills training. Select an interpersonal communication scenario in an organizational setting that contains multiple examples of ineffective interpersonal communication interactions. You may use a scenario from personal experience or one you are familiar with from media sources. Consider which interpersonal communication skills you should select for training employees to communicate more effectively

A brief description of the      selected interpersonal communication scenario.
A brief description of the      organization’s employees as a target audience for a training message      (including age, gender, ethnicities, education level, and position in the      company).
Two examples of ineffective      interpersonal communication occurring within the organization and explain      why each is ineffective.
Two interpersonal      communication skills that you feel would be the most effective for      improving interpersonal communication for this target audience. Explain      how each skill might be effective. 

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