Women Professional circle league

Women Professional circle league

Writing a Strong Thesis and Engaging Introduction


The introduction of your essay gives the reader their first impression of your topic and you as a writer. A good introduction will draw your reader in, getting them interested in what you have to say, and it will share relevant background information, providing important context for the ideas that you will present in the rest of your paper. Most importantly, in most academic essays, the introduction will include your thesis statement, a single statement that encapsulates the main point(s) that will be explained in the rest of the essay.

For SWR #2, you will revisit the narrative essay that you wrote for SWR #1 and write/revise your introduction and thesis statement.

Writing Task

Thesis Statement

To begin, write a thesis statement that does the following:

Presents the main topic(s) that you will cover
Provides specific ideas that are relevant to what you will explore in the rest of your essay
Uses just one sentence to bring these ideas together
Appears at the end of your introductory paragraph

Then, write an introduction that…

· Gets the reader’s attention

· Leads the reader’s focus to your topic and encourages them to keep reading

· Establishes the importance of your topic and your credibility as a writer

· Presents your thesis statement

· Is about 100-150 word

Evaluation Standards

SWR #2 Rubric

Introduction (20)

The introduction gets the reader’s attention, encourages the reader to keep reading, and seamlessly leads the reader’s focus to your topic and thesis statement. The introduction is a well-written, fully developed paragraph.

Thesis Statement (15)

The thesis statement presents the essay’s main topic in a clear and meaningful way.

Sentence Fluidity (10)

Sentences are well‐written, with varied sentence structure, and easy to follow.

Mechanics (5)

Writing is free of errors in punctuation and spelling.