For this assignment, develop an introduction of a minimum of three or more paragraphs that uses supporting research with appropriate citations.
The first paragraph will introduce the main topic (issue) of the proposed paper by situating the topic in the field of education and will explain why it is important and warrants further study.
(Note: The main topic becomes the level 1 main heading of the paper following the introduction.)
The second paragraph (or more) should introduce the two to four subtopics that are related to the main topic and provide context for them using supporting research as needed.
(Note: These subtopics become the level 2 subheadings following the main heading; do not use article titles as headings, instead use language that indicates how the subtopics are related to the main topic.)
The third paragraph should summarize the topics in the context of what must be done to address the issue(s) being introduced. This would conclude with the thesis of the proposed paper that tells the reader what the paper will be about (briefly summarizes the scope and sequence of the paper as a presentation of the topics and a response to the issues).
Assignment length: 1-2 pages, not including the title and reference pages
References: Minimum of five scholarly resources.