WK2 PT(2)

 you will be asked to address the following issues based on the topic you chose in Unit I:Domestic Terrorism in the USA.

Identify the conventional or unconventional hazard type.
Analyze the U.S. Department of Homeland Security documents that were utilized to implement the planning and response efforts.
Discuss how these documents were used to facilitate the response efforts.
Evaluate if the response agencies successfully responded to the incident.

After reviewing the aforementioned requirements for the Unit VII Research Paper, complete Parts I and II below.
Part I: Research Paper Outline
After your research paper topic is approved, use the four criteria mentioned above to write a brief outline, which will be the basis for your research paper, and identify how the four criteria pertain to the domestic terrorist incident.
Part II: Annotated Bibliography
Next, list five scholarly references that support your research paper topic and paper. Include a brief summary for each reference that will cover the material related to the research paper criteria. The annotated bibliography identifies the reference, description, and how it pertains to the research paper. Also, in your bibliography, you should provide a brief description that explains why you believe the selected incident will serve as good basis for evaluating the response process and the role it plays as it relates to domestic terrorism. Use APA style to format the references.

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