You must choose a topic in modern chemistry for your term paper. See suggested topics you can pick from in the Discussions Section of Canvas. Each student will write a 3 to 4-page term paper.   Sign up for one topic by emailing me a topic that you want to write about. Once a suggested topic is requested from below, it will be removed from the list of available topics that will be updated under Term Paperdiscussion board. You are free to come up with your own topic of interest but email it to me for approval.  Keep a record of the topic that you sign up for.
For the paper, use size 12 font, Times New Roman, double-spaced. Include a title page and a reference page and these do not count as one of the 3 to 4 pages.  Each student will write this paper in his/her own words and must include all references.  Use at least 5 references. Remember, plagiarism is academic dishonesty. Your submitted paper will be checked for plagiarism.
The title page must include the title of the paper, your name and date of submission.

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  When using the free-cash flow model, cash flows are discounted at the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) and when using the dividend discount model, dividends are discounted at….

Dixie’s Daughter’s Book Quiz Assignment

Dixie’s Daughter’s Book Quiz Assignment Directions: After reading Dixie’s Daughters:  The United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Preservation of Confederate Culture:   please answer the following questions about the book.  ….

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PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY Purpose: To write a response to Gloria Anzaldua’s “How to Tame a Wild Tongue,” a chapter in her book Borderlands/La Frontera. In your response, you should….