Why You Chose Your Major

Topic: Why you chose your major One of toughest decisions many people, and colllege students in particular face are choosing a major and a career. Hopefully when a person chooses their major is they know what they want to do for a life time. Some people do other things from what they studied. It’s been said that it’s always good to be able to do more than onething, career basis. I truly believe that. When you are little everything seems like magic. You light up your lamp by some unknown energy.
All you have to do are to think about it and it happens and you wonder how. By elementary school you know you have to switch on the power to light up but how does that fluorescent lamp uses electricity to exite mercury vapor and why does it produce visible light when I turn on the power? By high school you have a basic understanding of electrons and energy conversion but how are these construction and what is energy of conversion that electrical energy into? This is why I am fascinated with electronics and telecommunications.
However, I would argue that you are choose a major by your hobby. Nowadays, we live in a world where education occupies a very important role. An educated person is someone who is able to learn how analyzes, synthesize, evaluate and understand. An education often gives to a person the means to sustain his life, to live comfortablely or even to live in luxury. The major you choose will be deciding factor in determining the stability and limits of your future financial situation.

From an educational perspective, a degree in engineering, mathematics, physics, finance or computer science will lead to a much higher salary than a degree in social work. An educated person is also responsible for using his gained knowledge; in fact, an educated person must have a better rounded-view of the world and will continue to seek knowledge and understanding of it throughout their lives. On the one hand, choosing a major is depend on both family and social situation.
You should consider that wheather your major is necessary for society or your family can enough to satisfy. Furthermore, the changes in society or barely will beginning in the future, so you also carefully forecast for the development of your major. For me, fortunately my major not only is my hobby but also more and more has well develop in many aspects. In conclusion, it seems to me that I had to decide for myself an appropriately major.