Why We Need More Nuclear Plants

Why We Need More Nuclear Plants. Humanity should continue building more nuclear plants to meet future energy demand needs. This is because nuclear energy provides the largest and the best source of carbon-free electricity across the globe. Generating nuclear power is cheap as compared to other sources. It only costs two cents for every kilo-watt right from the operations to the maintenance. The world super powers like China, Russia and South Korea among others accounts for 40% of the world’s nuclear power and hey continue to push for more. Despite the shortcomings and limitations that comes with the use of nuclear power, I believe I provides clean and a very reliable electricity. This helps us to cut on the carbon dioxide emissions and has the lowest impact on environment. It also helps us expand on our economies as it is not expensive to produce.

Why We Need More Nuclear Plants

Nuclear energy is the future and we should embrace it in all ways. We expect a huge industrial revolution as it will provide a more efficient way of running industries with less impact on the environment. Although there are public concerns on the radiation emissions and its impact on the humanity, I believe it is the role of the federal government to develop and implement policies that govern the use of nuclear energy. With measures in place, I believe nuclear power will have positive implications on humanity as life will become easier with cheap, clean and reliable energy. Industries will also increase their profit margins through reduced cost of production among other reasons. Therefore, I believe we should build more nuclear plants to meet future energy demand needs.

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