Why Relationships Fail

Why Relationships Fail Why is it that when we think we have the perfect person we lose them? It’s something that everyone has to experience in their lives, and it’s one of the hardest concepts to understand why this happens to us. When I look at relationships I think about Stephen R. Covey who once said, “Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships. ” I believe the three keys to why relationships do or don’t always work are excepting others differences, trust and jealousy, and lack of communication.
When you meet someone and have the certain click you do not always see the real them at first. In relationships you have to take time to learn about each other. When one is in a relationship they are forced to accept each other’s differences. This is only a small part of why some perfect relationships fail. It is sometimes hard for us to takes these differences and just accept them instead of trying to change them. We always want the other person to just change for us, and majority of the time that isn’t what they want to do.
We need to look past each other’s faults and just accept them for who they are. After acceptance you have to be able trust the person you are with. I always remember that trust is the easiest to gain, but the hardest to gain back. If we are always honest in our relationship there is less tension. Having a confident attitude in one another has a great deal to do with successful relationships. If we are only worrying about what they could be doing wrong we will never be content.

Jealousy is largest part of what we are experiencing when we don’t trust. Trust, honesty, and confidence; these all tie together to make a happy couple. Communication; it is a part of life that many struggle with today. It is something we do every day but can also be one of the hardest things to express at the same time. Communication in a relationship is what I believe the most important key to a working relationship. If we cannot communicate with someone that we should be close to with then it is going to be a ifficult struggle understanding what they are thinking. When you were little and your mom or dad asked you what was wrong you were always open to tell them, well this works the same way. We cannot make everyone happy but we are always trying to. If they are the right one for you they will be able to listen to you and understand the best of their ability. The feeling of not knowing what is running through the other person’s head is confusing to us. To work through problems together, communication is the only way to conquer this.
Relationships are not always as simple as they seem. They are hard work and are something that we cannot try and fix on our own. Each person in a relationship is an equal part. Working together to accept each other for who we are, this is just one key to happiness. Also having confidence in one another can make or break a relationship. We need to remember that we should not be afraid to tell each other what we are thinking. We should act as an open book; showing the torn pages even if they are too mangled to read.

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