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The goal of this assignment is for you to annotate two empirical articles from peer-reviewed journals that answer your research question. An annotated bibliography includes an alphabetical listing of sources and an annotation, or a brief description of each article (max 175 words).
Your annotated bibliography must contain at least two relevant empirical articles from peer- reviewed journals and use APA format. The articles must have been published within the last five years.
As a reminder, an empirical article refers to a peer-reviewed article published in an academic journal that includes some sort of data collection and analysis. In other words, the authors need to have conducted an experiment, surveyed participants, interviewed individuals, or collected some sort of data from which they drew conclusions. Theses or dissertations will not be accepted. If you’re not sure if your article is empirical or not, please ask me.
Each annotation should answer the following questions for each article:

What are the researchers investigating?
What is the primary hypothesis or research questions in the study? (If a study has more than one research question and/or hypothesis, only include the question(s) or hypotheses that are relevant to your research question. You can quote these from the study. Don’t list more than three hypotheses or research questions.
Describe the method of the study, or how the researchers collected the data.
What did the researchers find regarding their hypothesis or research question– were they supported or unsupported?
How does this article apply to your topic (i.e., how is it relevant)? Be specific here.

For example, here’s an annotated bibliography:
Danel, D., Dziedzic-Danel, A., & Kleisner, K. (2016). Does age difference really matter? Facial markers of biological quality and age difference between husband and wife. Journal of Comparative Human Biology, 67, 337-347. doi:10.1016/j.jchb.2016.05.002
In this study, the researchers are investigating the role of age, attractiveness, and masculinity in mating.
The researchers hypothesized that attractive women prefer and enter in relationships with older partners, and masculine men prefer and enter in relationships with younger attractive partners. To assess attractiveness and masculinity, the researchers examined 55 couple’s photographs to measure markers of biological quality such as symmetry and averageness. To assess age, they used birth records. The data were consistent with their hypothesis: Attractive women had husbands who were relatively older than themselves, and masculine men had attractive wives who were relatively younger than themselves. This study is relevant to our research question because we are investigating the relationship between attractiveness and mate selection in online dating. We now know that hetero males prefer attractive younger mates for reproductive reasons and attractive hetero females prefer older mates for stability and security reasons.
SPC 3210 1

In terms of mechanics, your annotated bibliography should follow the following guidelines:

Be typed, use 1-inch margins, 12-point font (single or double spacing is okay)
Include your name and class title (SPC 3210) in the upper left or right corner of the paper
The reference for the article should be in APA format
Each annotation should be no more than 175 words

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