Why is Human Memory Subject to Error?

Human memory is subject to error because human memory Is Imperfect Just Like many things In nature. The way we perceive things are not always accurate. Memory is not like a movie camera it is reconstructive. According to Wade & Travis (2012), “Because memory is reconstructive, it is subject to confabulation–confusion of an event that happened to someone else with one that happened to you, or a belief that you remember something when it never actually happened” (p. 266). In essence infatuation is hearing a story or an event and believing that story or event is” your” story or event.
Memories that have been affected by confabulation can feel real even though the memories are false. Memories can be subjected to error because sometimes our memories piece together many parts and merge them all into one memory which is known as source misinformation. What might influence human memory? Memories can be influenced by many factors to Include but not limited to the power of suggestion, stress/anxiety, brain Injuries, mental Illness, and traumatic events. Those are a few of the influences I believe affect human memory.
Human memory can be influenced by people we trust either directly or indirectly telling the subject that something happened when it did not actually happen. When we are affected by high stress or anxiety we may not correctly remember details. When the human brain has an Injury or is affected by mental Illness memories can be Influenced by improper thought processes. Traumatic events can Influence human memory by altering a subject’s memory as a form of self-preservation. Through my personal experiences I have seen many of the above listed influence human memory.

In light of the points that the Loft’s article brings up, what kind of implications do the limitations of human memory have on eye-witness testimony? I believe that some of the Implications of the limitation of human memory have on eye-witness testimony Is the unreliability of human memory and human emotions. According to Abramson, memory experts such as Loft’s have been proving that not only Is memory unreliable, it can also be so utterly manipulated as to render it next-to- selves as pivotal evidence in criminal cases”.
Memories that have been manipulated can provide incorrect testimony and without any further evidence can wrongfully convict an innocent person. In closing I believe that memories are a snap shot of a moving picture which can be changed or altered as a subject’s memory sees fit.

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