Why abortion should be stopped in the United States

Why abortion should be stopped in the United States


The presidential candidate Donald trump in 2016, argued that women who undertook abortion in the United States could face legal charges. Indeed, there are averages of 50 women who die from legal abortions and many other suffer serious injuries. While Americans have been practicing abortions for a long period, it leads to physical complications for the woman, psychological risks and repeat abortions thereby, necessitating abolishment.

The government should do away with abortion as it results to physical damages to the mother of the unborn child. Explain topic sentence.  According to HLI Staff (2016), averages of two to three percent of the women who abort suffer from perforation of the uterus. This condition may go unnoticed if the pregnancy was in the first trimester, but may lead to problems later in life, requiring a major corrective surgery or hysterectomy. As such, this abortion poses such a huge health risk to the mother.

There are many psychological risks involved, as most of the women suffer from Post-Abortion Syndrome. Explain topic sentence.  The women who are at a higher risk of experiencing this syndrome are those who believe that conducting an abortion is morally wrong, those who feel pressured into a medical abortion, and those who have experienced mental disorder in the past (Hopeline Pregnancy Center, 2018). As such, psychological disorder is a long-term condition, which requires the intervention of a medical practitioner.

Women with a history of abortion are four times more likely to conduct another abortion, as compared to those who have never conducted one. Explain topic sentence.  Cases of low self-esteem, increased sexual activity, the desire for a replacement pregnancy are some of the causes that increase the risk of another abortion as noted by APFLI (2011). More abortions may occur out of the desire to get pregnant and at the same time the pressure to abort, which can result from abandonment from the new male partner.

In summary, there have been numerous debates on legalizing abortions, but considering the physical complications of the mother, psychological risks involved and the cases of repeated abortions, there is nothing like safe abortion. Women should be given the necessary support to ensure that they carry their baby to term and have safe delivery. Cases of abortion should be outdated.







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