Whom is suing Whom Assignment


Use the link provided below to access Entrepreneur magazine’s “Court Case” section: Entrepreneur: Court Cases. There you will find a wide range of court cases that involve some of the biggest names in business.

Select one of the cases on the site as the basis for your written assignment. You may get your preliminary information from the Entrepreneur  magazine site, but don’t limit yourself to this one source. Google the  case and see if there are additional facts or developments that you need  to consider before completing this assignment.

Write a case summary that includes the following information:      

Parties to the case and names of defendants and plaintiffs.
The primary issue at the heart of the lawsuit (e.g., copyright,  labor law, unfair competition) and the reasons or events that caused the  plaintiff to file the lawsuit.
Provide a brief summary of the keys facts in the case from the  perspective of all parties. Generally, these will be the claims of the  plaintiff and the defenses of the defendant.
If a decision has been made in the case, what was it? If damages  were awarded, how much were they? If the damages were not monetary,  what did the court order the parties to do or not do because of the  lawsuit?
If the case has not been decided, then what is the plaintiff asking the court to do if it prevails?
Regardless of whether the case is decided or not, what are the  implications or potential implications for the businesses involved and  the stakeholders of those businesses?

Note: Please remember to provide proper citations for all sources using APA style.

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