What Makes A Company Good Or Bad

What Makes A Company Good Or Bad.
What, in your view, makes a company “good” or “bad”, particularly if you start with the idea that ethics is an important part of your evaluation? Why? According to the Webster dictionary, good is defined as a favorable character or tendency. Every company has the option of being good or bad. One wrong move can turn a good company bad and one right move can turn a bad company good. Companies that use cheap labor versus companies that use high paid, highly educated labor are not bad companies Just because they cannot afford to employ giggly educated employees.
In my opinion, a good company is a company that respects and shows their appreciation to their employees through the managers. Also, a good company will have well trained managers in place and the employees will trust that the managers are capable of the Job. A good company will make sure to uphold in being ethical and have ethical individuals working for them. A good company also gives back to the community and/or is doing non for profit work to help the needy.
From my view off good company, I believe these three companies are examples of good companies are McDonald’s, Warty Parker, and SST. Suede’s Children Hospital. These three companies employee individuals that are capable and willing to the Job provided, their customer service representatives are respectful, and they are helping the community by giving back. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to characterize a company as ‘bad’. According to the Webster dictionary, bad is defined as failing to reach an acceptable standard.

All companies set goals that they must achieve. Therefore a company may not reach the outsiders ‘acceptable standard’ but they have reach their own ‘acceptable standard’. There are very few companies that help the environment, employ the disadvantaged, and serve the poor while maintaining a profit if there are any companies. To conclude, what truly makes a good company is their ‘bottom line’ (intent). Not all companies have figured out the formula of giving back while making a profit but if a company’s intent is good then that what should matter.

What Makes A Company Good Or Bad

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