What is theology? Why is theology important? How is it done?

What is theology? Why is theology important? How is it done?
You  will be required to formulate a scriptural presentation detailing how a  proper understanding of systematic theological doctrines answers  questions posed by popular culture and postmodernism, in particular.  Theology is commonly perceived as being boring and disconnected from the  issues encountered in daily living. It has been the aim of this course  to show that a solid theological foundation must be laid in order to  correctly apply biblical principles in our everyday lives. 
This  assignment is aimed to allow you to show others that theology is  necessary and that it answers the most important questions of life. Since  this will be an assignment that you could potentially use to teach  others, it must be professional and relatable, and avoid using slang  words. If you use theological words, be sure to offer a brief definition  as your audience may consists of unbelievers and young believers. 
When doing your research and developing your final project, keep in mind the following:
Why is this topic important today?
What problems exist concerning this topic?
How is this topic dealt with in the Bible?
How do the answers to the question you chose help our understanding and deepen our faith?
What is theology? Why is theology important? How is it done?
It  is imperative that you have a thesis statement because  writing/presenting cannot be ‘A’ quality without a thesis statement. The  thesis statement provides the destination of the paper or presentation.  The topic/title of the paper or presentation should show you which  direction you are heading (N, S, E, or W) and a thesis statement shows  you the steps you will take to get to the destination. For the sake of  this course, your thesis statement will start with these words: “This  paper will…” or “In this presentation, I will…” Next, you will insert a  verb and a direct object. (i.e., “This presentation will describe the  proposed solutions to the problem of God’s love and justice” or “In this  paper, I will offer a proposal for why theology is important for every  believer”). You cannot write a strong conclusion without a strong thesis  statement which drives the conclusion. If you know beforehand what you  are trying to accomplish, then in your conclusion you can tell if you  have accomplished this or not.
For the  sake of formality, if you choose to do the paper, it should be  formatted according to current Turabian guidelines. There will be a list  of project topics provided within the Additional Resources folder in  Blackboard. 
Specifics for the project are as follows:
The paper is to be 5-6 pages in length (typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, and current Turabian formatting). 
You  are to have a minimum of 7 scholarly sources for your paper, only 3 of  which can be internet sources (Wikipedia does not count!). 
Accepted  scholarly sources are course readings, lectures, and peer reviewed  journal articles located through Liberty University’s Online Library  journal database. For help on how to search for scholarly articles  through the Library, review the following helpful information.
Sources must be cited in footnotes using current Turabian formatting. 

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