What is the role of management in the 21st century?

What is the role of management in the 21st century?

According to Cascio (2016), managers who are skilled in managing people provide a competitive
advantage for 21st-century organizations. Although human resource professionals offer guidance and
support, it is the employees’ direct managers who have the greatest impact on productivity, engagement, and morale. Effective managers in all functional specialties recognize the challenges of managing people
today and how to address them.

What is the challenge for management in 21st century?

In a 3 – 4 page paper, examine the significant people management challenges your organization (or one
with which you are familiar) faces, and what the organization and you as a manager can do to meet those
challenges to enhance productivity, engagement, and morale. A well-constructed paper will cite and
reference 3 or more sources and include the following elements:

Is management relevant in the twenty-first century?

• Identify two significant people management challenges you and/or your organization face, and
the potential impact of these challenges on organizational success.
• Recommend 2 actions such as new programs or policies the organization should take to address
the people management challenges
• Discuss 2 – 3 specific actions or behaviors you as a manager of people can take to enhance
employee productivity, engagement, and morale.
• Describe 2 insights you gained into effective people management and the manager’s role in
encouraging employee productivity and engagement.