What is the difference between negotiation advocacy and mediation?

What is the difference between negotiation advocacy and mediation?

Mediation in cases involving breach of contract. 2

Mediation in the Criminal justice department. 2

References. 2

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Advocacy and Mediation are critical aspects of any society, so ethical values are required when executing them. Advocacy plays a crucial role in any organization as it assists people in speaking about themselves and ensuring that their opinions are heard and understood. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution used to resolve problems among people and thus plays an essential role in promoting social cohesion. In both cases, ethical standards must be upheld where there shouldn’t be any conflict of interest, best services should be offered, and good faith in practice must be maintained. Both Mediation and advocacy play a critical role in providing human services by promoting representation where people require their opinion to be heard and understood and promoting conflict resolution.

Mediation in divorced populations

In modern society, the divorce rate has been rising, and this has caused intense emotional pain to both the children and the divorced couples. Due to this, there has been needing for an appropriate way of reducing the conflict among divorced couples so that they can live a comfortable life after divorce and offer good parental care to their children. Divorce mediation has played a significant role in peacefully assisting divorced couples as it provides a less expensive and friendly option for solving disputes that transpire from divorce. Divorce mediation carried out under the guidance of a mediator assists the divorced partners in agreeing on how to relate to each other in a less conflicting manner, how to take care of the children, and the mode of sharing matrimonial properties.

Mediation in cases involving breach of contract

In any society, contracts exist where two parties agree on a given issue, and each party must adhere to a given condition. A Contract may be written or oral, but at community levels, most contracts occur through oral agreement. Most arrangements created at community levels are dowry settlements, employee-worker contracts, and business agreements. In such cases, Mediation is essential for the feuding parties because it assists in reaching a consensus without undergoing court. At the same time, the parties will come to an amicable solution where the breaching party will have to fulfill its side of the bargain without going much expense.

 Mediation in the Criminal justice department

Victim-offender mediation is among the current mediation practices that involve a meeting between a person who committed a crime and the victim. This mediation process is advantageous because the victim can confront their offender to understand the situation and facilitate healing. On the other hand, offenders understand the enduring effects of their crime, learn the consequences of their criminal acts, and may seek forgiveness.


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