What is reactive patrol

What is reactive patrol? How does reactive patrol differ from proactive patrol? What would happen of policing agencies adopted only one of these patrol styles? Reactive patrol is when police officers respond to public calls or to a crime that has already occurred. Reactive patrol provides help to ensure that calls are responded to in an efficient and timely manner. Reactive patrol also involves the follow-up investigations required to get additional information to prosecute.
It has the advantages that the public operate openly and in response to real public emands and with the consent of the public. Reactive patrol is more of a traditional style of policing. It consists of police waiting for crime and then going to the scene to try apprehends suspects. On the other hand, proactive patrol tries to prevent the crimes from happening in the first place. For example, Reactive patrol- an officer can respond to a violent crime or an armed robbery, and could be the first to arrive and my involved in a confrontation with the criminal.
While proactive patrols, officers heck businesses at nightly on a regularly basis, and notify businesses owners once doors are found unlocked or other safety problems greatly reduces the chance that the businesses will be burglarized. Armed robberies, violent crimes, bike patrols in crowded pedestrian areas, night-time business checks; are all parts of the reactive and proactive patrol. If police agencies adopted only one of these patrol styles. It would be harder to have police discretion. Police officer would never be able to stop crime before it happen, without reactive and proactive patrol.

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