What is employee engagement and why is it important?

What is employee engagement and why is it important?

This discussion activity provide students with ideas on how to engage remote employees as well as explore companies’ best practices for employee engagement. Remember, I would like for you to wear your “HR” hat as well as reflect on your own work/school experience.


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Before starting this discussion, review the following two brief videos
Who is Sinking Your Boat? …. This one is 4 years old but one of the best I’ve seen on employee engagement.

Employee Engagement for Remote Employees


Select and identify a company of your choice (i.e. Starbucks, Disney, Apples etc…)


Provide TWO examples in which the company you chose go about engaging their employees. (write 2 paragraphs each 5-7 sentences).
Were they successful? How did the company measure their success in terms of employee engagement? Use research and critical thinking skills (write one paragraph 5-7 sentences).
How engaged are you in your work? If you are not currently working, then use school. What would be needed for you to be more engaged in your work/school (1 paragraph 5-7 sentences).