What Does Ethics Mean

Ethics is a branch of knowledge with moral principle that governs a person behavior in the society. Ethics by nature are based on personal values. The primary mission of a social worker is to enhance human well being and meet human need of all people with people who are vulnerable, oppressed and living in poverty. (National Association of Social Worker code of ethics 1996)
Handling a patient with may be challenging to a social worker and making appropriate ethical decision can be very difficult. Ms. Davidson possess security threat and her situation should be handled with care. Duty to protect her involve warning her about the danger of committing suicide, notifying the police, starting a commitment hearing, informing mental health evaluators of the threat, and utilizing professional supervision.
Duty to protect involves working with homicidal and suicidal clients. The obligation of duty to protect varies from one client to another. Hearing her will make me carry out necessary therapy that would prevent the situation from recurring I future.

Protecting a client from self-harm and those around her has become ethical obligations of social worker. It is important to take care of those around Ms. Davidson by informing her new neighbors about her conditions after consulting her. A client has right to confidentiality and this will reduce conflict between client and a social worker. As a social worker, information about her a condition will be done in an open way that will not offend her after getting her consent.
Social worker should inform her clients importance of respecting others privacy. The complexity of client privacy, confidentiality and privilege should not be abuse as this may lead to social worker losing her job. Ms Davidson might suffer from suicidal attempt for a second time because she has lost her new job. It is a responsibility of a social worker to take god care of her client, talk to the boss to let Ms Davidson get her job back but making the information about Ms Davidson confidential during conversation with the boss.
The work of a social worker is to enhance other people live. To ensure that the immigrants feel safe and live like other people in that particular society, social should report the grievance of the immigrants to higher authorities without disclosing the source of information to ensure confidentiality between her and Ms Davidson. This will help her take good care of the immigrants’ families as they will not be exploited by local banks and the police.
In conclusion, a social worker should ensure that she observe six legal ethics that are important in making decisions. These will reduce conflict between the social worker and her client. A client has right to confidentiality and privacy protection this will enhance mutual trust and help the social worker to obtain important information that may help during therapy session. A social worker play important role in our societies, there work is to empower people who are vulnerable, oppressed and living in poverty.

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