Western Drama: Ancient to Modern

Western Drama: Ancient to Modern

French Theatre (1630-1700)
Soulpepper’s production of Moliere’s Tartuffe translated by Congdon and Scott
Diego Matamoros who plays Tartuffe flanked by Oliver Dennis as Orgon and Raquel Duffy as Elmire (act 4, scene 7) Give context about what is happening in this particular part in the play and it’s significance to the play. Here is a link to the play:


Third Pic
Modern Theatre (1880-1945)
Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard translated by Craig Walker
Pictured is Oyin Oladejo as Lopakhin in the 2019 production of the play which took place in Toronto. This picture depicts Act 3 of the play and the climax where Lopakhin recites his speech( act 3, begins at line 429, page 197. Give context about what is going on at this point in the play and the significance of this part in the play. The text can be found in the attachments labelled as ‘The Cherry Orchard’.

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin in 6 acts by Harriet Beecher Stowe and a George Aiken
Romanticism and Melodrama (1800-1880)
Eliza asks Tom to run away (scene 3, page 8) read the play and understand the context to describe the significance of the scene to the play). Here is a link to the play:


Section C.

For this section, describe the context and the dialogue (b) , when does it occur in the play? Where does it take place (setting)? and then (c) examine the passage and discuss its significance in relation to the themes/issues in the play. Include staging conventions associated with the passage if applicable. I have labelled 1.a), 3.a) and 4.a) providing information on each of the passages to make it easier for you. Your job is answer questions b) and c) Please make sure the answers correspond to the question (1.b, 1.c, 3.b, 3.c, 4.b, 4.c)

1. a) The Country Wife, William Wycherley, the speakers are Mrs. Squeamish, Lady Fidget and Horner (page 1350, act 4, scene 3, beginning at line 190) the famous China scene. Here is a link to The Country Wife