week5 comp

By the due date assigned, post your reflections on how you addressed Objections and Alternative Views in your researched argumentative essay, following the Assignment Guidelines below.
By the end of the week, respond to at least two of your peers’ posts, following the Peer Response Guidelines below
Assignment Guidelines:
Reflect on the following in a well-developed paragraph:

As you composed your first draft of the essay, did you imagine your audience as sympathetic, hostile, or somewhere in between?
What was the central claim of your essay and what opposing points of view did you present?
How did you attempt to accommodate or refute opposing arguments, and what challenges did you encounter in the process?

Peer Response Guidelines:
Address the following questions as you respond in a well-developed paragraph to two or more of your peers:

Do you agree or disagree with your classmate’s central claim? Are you more inclined to resist or accept your classmate’s position?
How strong are the opposing arguments that your classmate presented? Are there other opposing arguments that should be considered?
How would you refute or accommodate those arguments?

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