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ables are useful for displaying a small amount of data, and there are three different methods of creating tables in a word processing document: creating a table within Word or Docs and entering information, selecting text in a document and applying a table to it, and pasting a selection from a spreadsheet into the document. Each method has its own unique use, and each method also presents a specific set of formatting challenges. 
Use the information listed below to create a practice table using each of the three different methods using either Microsoft Word or Google Docs, (Please click on the link below to access a Google Sheet with the data in spreadsheet form that you may use to copy and paste into your document to investigate method #3) and then create a table of your own to compare and contrast the pros and cons of each of the different methods, save the table, and upload as an attachment to your discussion board post. An example, with basic styling, has been provided for you in Figure 1.
Sample Data Set
Jaden X. Grimes
P.O. Box 624, 2119 Aliquam Road
Orta San Giulio
[email protected] Hayfa E. Carney
P.O. Box 869, 3897 Magna Rd.
[email protected] Joy D. Bauer
Ap #312-379 Feugiat St.
Alert Bay
[email protected] Lenore W. Bowman
4685 Egestas Street
[email protected] Shelly Q. Knowles
Ap #202-7170 Lorem St.
[email protected]

Link to Google Sheet Data:https://docs.google.com/a/grantham.edu/spreadsheets/d/1qvbhmCsmzdlPpSL1bqx_T5CP8_gY6_U5xwEiPP05JBc/pubhtml?gid=395261196&single=true
Figure 1: Example of Discussion Board Table.
Table creation method
Draw a table
Convert existing text to a table
Insert Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

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