Assume you hold the Special Agent in Charge role of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, Minneapolis field office. Your squad is responsible for identifying and mitigating the threat of the Al Shabaab efforts to recruit local Somali youths into their global terrorist efforts. A high turnover means that your squad presently includes local law enforcement, Department of Defense agents, and other members of the intelligence community. You need to provide them with information for preventing or mitigating a threat to ensure the protection of critical infrastructure and soft targets in your area of responsibility. 

Research the characteristics of individuals in the local Somali population most vulnerable to terrorist recruitment.

Create a 14- to 16-slide, media-rich presentation to present to management. Include the following in an attempt to prevent or mitigate a terrorist act:

An introductory slide explaining how culture, religion, socioeconomic status, and family can affect terrorist recruitment and mentality
An outline of the characteristics of individuals in the local Somali population most vulnerable to terrorist recruitment
The impact of familial influence to terrorism
Techniques for recruitment methods
Techniques for addressing and coping with the poor socioeconomic conditions in Minneapolis
Methods for dealing with extremist ideals and influences, such as racism and radicalism

Include detailed speaker notes and a title slide.
Include APA-formatted citations when necessary and a reference slide.


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