Week1_US Student Aid Initial Database Schema

You are assigned a project to evaluate higher education student aid data from the U.S. government to answer the following questions:
· Which schools generate the highest amount of debt for the average student who attends?
· What is the employment rate for the students who graduate from this school?
You will complete this project through weekly Individual Assignments. Each weekly assignment builds on previous assignments.
This week, you will complete an initial review of the data and prepare an initial database schema and data discrepancy recommendation.
Download the following spreadsheets or CSV files:
· School Code List
· Most current spreadsheets for Loan Volume, Grant Volume, and Campus-Based Volume
· Gainful Employment Information
Develop a database schema diagram based on the data tables you downloaded in Microsoft® Visio® that includes:
· The identification of metadata that needs to be included in each table
· Annotation of the diagram to identify where there may be schematic discrepancies between the data sources
Summarize your recommendations for resolving anticipated discrepancies and identify which strategy you would use to validate the data quality in a Microsoft® Word document.
Note: You will use the downloaded files and your drafted schema in the Week Two Individual Assignment titled, “U.S. Student Aid Database Schema and Query Recommendations.”

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