week 9

Draft Chapter 1 Abstract and Introduction

For this discussion, please post a draft of your introduction, including the abstract. Use the preparation elements of the template as a resource in writing your abstract and introduction. Refer to the appropriate project guide (linked in Resources) as needed.

Write a complete draft of your abstract and Chapter 1: Introduction to the Integrative Project. It is often helpful to write the introduction, then the abstract.

The abstract distills the entire project into a synopsis of 300 words or fewer. The abstract appears before the introduction, even if it is written after the entire project has been completed.
Instructions for the Introduction, Chapter 1

Now that you have a research question and Chapters 2 through 5, you are prepared to write the abstract and Chapter 1, the project introduction. The purpose of the introduction is to explain and justify how you plan to answer the research question:      Introduce the purpose and describe key features of Chapters 2 through 5. Remember, to meet this goal, you must begin with a description of the research problem and how the research problem led to the current research question.
Include your research question in interrogative form, such as How do preschool teachers who recognize possible cognitive delay in their pupils describe their attempts to help parents help their children? Summarize briefly what we know so far about the phenomena under investigation; describe what we need to know to advance the knowledge base .Address briefly the major themes identified in the literature review. Summarize the design approach. Identify whether it is qualitative or quantitative. Identify the target population, procedures such as survey, interview, observation, quasi-experimentation, and the plan for analysis. Summarize the expected results briefly. Summarize implications for the research community. 

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