Week 4 Warm-up: Why Did I Vote For That?!?!

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The Chief Human Resources Office (CHRO) just announced the opening of two positions:

Project manager: You will supervise your colleagues, assign them certain tasks, evaluate their performance, and forward performance reports to the upper management. You will have your own office, and other colleagues will directly report to you. This is a position that requires individual work on a daily basis.
Project facilitator: You will collaborate with colleagues from various departments throughout the entire projects. You will write up project proposals, prepare progress reports together, co-present documents or products with other team members. You will work in shared team rooms. This position requires working in teams on a daily basis.

Curiously, both positions offer the same pay, benefits, and working hours.  So, which one would you apply for?  Vote for your choice!

The prompt shared that both positions offer the same pay, benefits, and working hours.  So, why did you vote for your choice?  Also, what affects, and other concepts in this course, influenced your choice?  Share your thoughts and ideas on what influences your choices while applying for work.
Post your response (at least 100 words) in the warm-up forum   

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