WEEK 4 Discussion ENG1200

Week 4 Discussion
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By the due date assigned, post your informal outline in the Discussion Area.
By the end of the week, respond to two of your classmates’ submissions using the Peer Response Guidelines below.
Assignment Guidelines:
Use the guide below to start your informal outline of your researched argumentative essay. This guide will help you to make sure that your essay contains all of the usual pieces that an argumentative research essay would contain.
Informal Outline Guide
Part 1: Give a general introduction to the problem, including the thesis statement. The thesis statement should present a clearly defined position on a debatable topic.
Part 2: Present the history of the problem, including, perhaps, past attempts at a solution.
Part 3: Discuss the extent of the problem. Who is affected by it? How bad is it?
Part 4: Indicate what will happen if the problem is not solved.
Part 5: Connect the argument with facts that prove your points. Note the areas of objections and offer concessions if needed.
Part 6: Provide a conclusion, including a restatement of the thesis and summary of the main ideas.
Peer Response Guidelines:
1. Share any observations you have about the thesis statement. Does it present a clearly-defined position on a debatable topic? Is it narrow enough to be supported within the constraints of the paper?
2. Identify opposing points of view that could be addressed to strengthen the central argument. How might the writer accommodate or refute them?
3. Is the outline well-organized? Does it suggest a logical structure for the essay and a clear focus throughout?

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