Week 3 Paper (for Hifsa Shakaut)

1. Readings
(a)   – TEXT: Law Enforcement Ethics, Chapters 4 & 8. Here is the link: https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/user/signin 
(b)  Review Title 32, U.S.C., Section 12601 at http://www.justice.gov/crt/about/spl/police.php
(c)  Review these websites:
     (1) Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies at http://www.calea.org/ 
     (2) National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement at http://nacole.org/
2. View the video and micro lecture. (see the attached word document)
Weekly Student Posting Forum
 In approximately 700 words (at a minimum) single space and 2 pages, create and post your response to the following questions:
(1) What is the role of supervision and leadership in the promotion ethical behaviors.  
(2) Will professionalism lead to more ethics in law enforcement? Why or Why Not? 
(3) What is Section 12601 of the US Code and what action can the Federal Government take to correct negative patterns and practices by law enforcement agencies?  
(4) Surf the web and find two oversight groups for law enforcement and provide a brief overview of their roles/responsibilities. 
(5) After watching the use of force video, what role should leadership take and why? How can internal and external audits proactively assess patterns and practice? 
(6) If you were to conduct an audit of documents or law enforcement activity, what would it be and why?  How would you collect the data?

Please use in-text citation and references. 

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