Week 12 ERM and Week 4 Global Economy – Read the questions below

Week 12 Enterprise Risk Management:

After completing the assigned reading, answer the following questions in a short paper. Use the level of detail appropriate for a doctoral level. Outside sources are not required, but if used, they must be cited in-text and in a references section following APA style.

For Chapter 26, Bim Consultants:

1. What is your assessment of the situation?
2. What advice would you provide to the board of Bim Consultants?
3. What pitfalls should they be concerned with?

For Chapter 27, Nerds Galore

1. The case study ends with the Executive Team agreeing to hold a risk workshop. When evaluating the risks, what risk sources might emerge repeatedly and how might this help in the risk assessment?
2. How would risk assessment aid in the decision on whether or not Nerds Galore should proceed with the new HR strategy?

Week 4 Global Economy

Research Paper Part 1: Topic Selection and Abstract.
This assignment will fulfill the Part 1 of your course final research paper.

1: Visit digital library on line and select peer-reviewed research work by various authors on the following topics:
– keyword search in the area of Information Technology and Policymaking
– impact of Information Technology in the Global Economies or
– organizational decision making and ICT or
– benefits of Information Technology in the Global Economy

2: Abstract Formulation:
using your selected topic from above exercise, formulate/create an abstract of between 150 – 250 words using your selected topic above. 
your research topic above must be selected very carefully by researching through the Library from peer-reviewed prior research work that is closely related to your topic to complete this section. 
this exercise must be completed with care because, your research topic must be independently formulated by you, and not similar to any other previously researched titles (authenticity).
peer-reviewed research sources used as a source to build your topic selection ideas must be referenced in APA 6E format
submit your part 1 of your final research paper for review and approval via SafeAssign
MUST be completed in a MS Word document and NO PDF type of format
receive a similarity score of no more than 30% others work!
receive instructor approval before starting your part 2 of your final research paper
research papers submitted without instructor approval will NOT receive a grade

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