Week 1 Art

Research and showcase a Modern Art movement by identifying its qualities, significance to art history, important artists, and representative artwork.

The History of Modern Art (video content applicable through 29:30)
Artists, Style, and Movements in Modern Art 
Modern Art Movements 
Modern Art Movements Defined:

CubismArt NouveauPost-ImpressionismDadaismImpressionismRussian ConstructivismSurrealismExpressionismAbstract ExpressionismSymbolism
Step 1. Choose one Modern Art movement from the list above. Gather images and information on the movement taking note of the sources. As you research, document the article titles, authors, date published and website URL, or publisher.
Step 2. Create a PowerPoint with 10 slides. 
Slide #1:  Include the text: Course Name, Activity Name, Chosen Movement, Your Name, and Date 
Slide #2-9:  Use bullet points and text to describe (in your own words) the Movement.  Be sure to include all of these items:

Distinctive qualities 
Its significance to the history of modern art 
Identify several of the most important artists of the movement. 
Include at least 3 images representative of the movement’s style. Next to each image, you must include the following information:  Artist Name, Title, Creation Date, Dimensions, Medium/Materials used, Current location of the artwork.

Slide #10: References page: Cite all of your sources here. Include the title of the article, author, date, and website URL or publisher in alphabetical order.