Web Marketing for CVS Drugstore

The web marketing would be the best option for CVS as it is one of the most effective and cost effective online marketing strategy (Businesswire. com, 2006). The following online marketing strategies can be used in the process to attract volume and quality to the online drug store of CVS. CVS is apt at handling the online drugstore with efficient marketing techniques related to information recognition and spread. Click and Mortar delivery options: The marketing strategy at this point is to introduce several customer support options to address the customers issues related to timely delivery of the drugs.

Other marketing strategy like online order tracking and easy payment methods would also serve a great strategy. Online order tracking mechanism would be quite helpful to any customer to know the status of the order and accordingly take action. This would also boost their confidence in handling their order. Flexible payment methods would encourage more customers to engage in the online operations. The marketing strategy at this point would be to incorporate several marketing techniques for widespread use. Online merchandising marketing strategy:

The various analysis of the products and their category is essential to CVS as they would track at any point of time the various products that are selling presently and focus on the ones who needs a market yet. The marketing aspects at this stage would be to do some online marketing for the company in regard to various products which needs a push. The performance reasons for doing so would foster better sales of the products. Online banners specifically targeting some of the products would be circulated in the online trade centers, retail chains, other stores and so on.
The primary activity in marketing at this point is to understand the customer’s needs and thus the analysis of products sale is essential element to this. Knowing the customer well The knowledge of the customers for the prospective CVS products and services were not analyzed correctly. It did not mature from the customer analysis and all efforts to fetch the right customer for the product were not arrived at. This point needs to be stressed severely for personalization benefits. Lack of technological understanding:
The large spending of CVS towards making it a successfully integrated online drugs company by marketing it along ISP, mobile and broadband production business would result into large scale analysis and sale of the various marketing preferences enforced in practice. The media propagation and involvement of mobile technology would result in wide spread of the knowledge of CVS products and services. Evaluation of technology The 21st century marketing techniques would involve fetching the internet users an e-marketing solution which would involve promotion of various initiatives at a place which is largely accessible.
Some technological aspects which can be considered are web 2. 0 techniques to penetrate into aspects where people meet at an internet social place. Podcasts With the incoming of iPods, this tool can be widely used for allowing product marketing. It originally called audio Blogs. The audio recordings in MP3 format. It can be played on desktop computer or other MP3 devices (most famous is Apple’s iPod MP3 player). CVS can use it to its advantage to announce its products. The podcasting is quite an effective way as this technology is largely spreading all over the globe for widespread communications.
RSS feeds Timely delivery of message is very crucial for determining the right use of it. CVS can use it to its advantage in entailing a better perspective towards information use and retrieval. The user subscribes to “RSS feeds” from CVS website. The user then installs software called an “aggregator” or “feed reader” onto their computer. The software periodically checks for updates in RSS feeds from different subscribed to websites and updates user with info from the feed. One issue is that there are different RSS formats, and thus compatibility issues.
The marketing techniques which can be used for CVS can be expressed using the following rules of information and technology literacy: 1. The ability to recognize a need for information 2. The ability to distinguish ways in which the information ‘gap’ may be addressed 3. The ability to construct strategies for locating information 4. The ability to locate and access information 5. The ability to compare and evaluate information obtained from different sources 6. The ability to organize, apply and communicate information to others in ways appropriate
The basic use of technology would be to ascertain its effective use in business marketing and sales. The primary idea is to establish the various needs and ensure better framework of the idea. The web 2. 0 technology would ensure numerous impacts towards various business objectives (Berners, 2001). The specific E-marketing aspects would not only revolutionize the online presence but also ensure greater confidence among the stakeholders. The following can be enforced for the CVS drugstore: • Incorporation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies – This can be well felt as search engines are optimized for the various tags.
The SEO factors ensure better search results for all its services. The distinguishing point is that it is optimized for performance in Europe region more than all over the world due to the performance statistics (Strauss, 2005). • Personalization of content: The extensive use of web 2. 0 strategies needs to be exploited at CVS to a large extent. The users would be able to organize information in accordance to their choices like mobile streaming and alert system The incorporation of online video streaming for various products and purchase over the internet would facilitate better use. References/Bibliography Andrews, Todd (2007).
Breakthrough in Home Video: CVS/pharmacy Introduces World’s First Digital One-Time-Use Video Camcorder. Retrieved 2, April 2009 from http://www. prnewswire. com/cgi-bin/stories. pl? ACCT=109&STORY=/www/story/06-06-2005/0003818095&EDATE. Berners, T. Lee (2001). Weaving the Web. Orion Business Books. HarperCollins, New York. Businesswire. com (2006). CVS/pharmacy and Photo Channel Launch New Online Photo Service. Retrieved 2, April 2009 from http://www. allbusiness. com/retail/retailers-nonstore-retailers-mail-order-internet/5447368-1. html Strauss, Judy and Frost, Raymond (2005). “E-Marketing”, 4th Ed, Pearson Prentice Hall.

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