(Web development) Storyboard, Local and Remote Folders (due January 19 2018 8pm est)

Plan a website with 4-5 pages that use the elements we’ll cover in this class, including:

At least one page with a two- or three-column layout
At least two images throughout the site
One simple form (like a contact form – you don’t have to plan it in detail now, just show what page it’s on)
At least one table and one list

Draw a simple storyboard for your website by hand or with software like Photoshop. Tip: the content of the site is not as important as the basic structures. Don’t plan anything that’s not covered in this class (like e-commerce). Keep it simple! 
Create a folder on your local computer  where you will store your materials for class. Inside that folder,  create three folders with these names in lowercase:


Connect to Coton and upload those three folders to your -MySite folder. 

Create a PDF of your storyboard and submit it here in Canvas
Take and upload a screenshot (JPG or PDF) of your local  folder structure and your remote folder structure on Coton in Filezilla  here in Canvas
Click on the “Text Area” tab and submit the URLs of your three folders on Coton here in Canvas. 

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