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  From the two tests the observations made from the first test are that there are three transactions that are below 0 and incidentally all these transactions are deposits. The second test involved finding duplicates in bank transactions. One of the clear observations made from the test is that all duplicate transactions are checks. In addition, those transactions have a balance below 0. These tests identify trends that only deposits have negative transactions and only checks have duplicates. It is also important to note that the duplicates have negative balance. This can prompt more research to establish whether the deposits that have negative balances are also through check. This can be a fraud red flag (Oussii & Boulila Taktak, 2018).
I find these tests appropriate based on the original data set. However, more tests can still be done on the data. For instance, the database can be queried for tax payers ID and also location addresses. Lack of such information can be a pointer to shell vendors because they are not likely to have Tax payers ID and real location (Clarke, 2019).  These additional tests are likely to reveal or confirm the suspicious information that was first revealed by the initial tests. Based on this data, the company should try to improve its internal control mechanisms to ensure that it does not have issues of duplication in their transactions since they are pointers to possible fraudulent dealings. The company can also decide to strengthen its internal governance and code of ethics to ensure that the employees improve their level of ethics. This will go a long way in dealing with the organization (Kingsbury & Wilshusen, 2012).

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