W004001438 – Corporate Fraud & SOX

I need 8 clear and quality references per part.  Part 1 I need 4 references & part 2 I need 4 references.
These references need to be current and website based with an author who is current (2008-2018). 
I need to be able to go to a website and see that actual work.
Hints these are current subject related cited references.
No ebooks.
No google books
No paid sites for access.
No make believe books.
****Must be current and visible references*****
Will not accept anything but true references.
References mean the world to me and they should to you if you want to accept my money.
Again all references must be cited!!!!!! All references must be made clear and precise websites I can go and look up the information.
I need actual articles!!! Articles and authors I can references and read about the topic! Please do not submit to me a reference page that does not reference actual authors and actual websites with valuable information.
No google books or Wiki. I need media articles to references and see. Please understand this requirement.
Also this needs to follow APA style and be in 12 Times. 
Here is the example provided and reference for APA.
Also I just need the document in a clear well written single spaced. I will do the editing no need to send cover page or double space. I will do that through my review.
Thank you and see the topics below that need addressed.

“Corporate Fraud” Please respond to the following:

Organizations must adhere to strict anti-fraud requirements in how they prevent, detect, and correct fraud-related incidents. However, in the American corporate environment, our legal system continues to provide much freedom to organizations in how they conduct their business operations and interactions. 

Search on the Internet and select and describe a corporate fraud incident. 
Analyze the organization’s response to the incident, and describe what controls could have been implemented to prevent the incident. 

“SOX” Please respond to the following:

Describe the main elements of SOX and identify the controls organizations need to implement to be compliant with SOX. 
Choose the element of SOX you believe is most difficult or challenging for organizations to implement and explain why. Suggest the controls organizations should implement to mitigate the issue you chose.

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