Vulnerable Population Teaching Project Proposal

Vulnerable Population Teaching Project Proposal.

Develop a proposal for a teaching plan that will address one or more of the identified health risks from your population assessment and your Windshield Survey. Remember, this will be a project that will be implemented in 422, so it is important that the scope of the project is manageable. Discuss your proposal with your mentor prior to submission.

Vulnerable Population Teaching Project Proposal

The paper should be 4 pages in length, not counting the title page and the references. The paper should be written as a formal APA paper with appropriate citations and references. The required elements listed below, should be the major headings in your paper. The paper should include the following:

  • Population Selected: This section should be a brief discussion of why you selected this population (one-two paragraphs). This information can be taken from the population assessment and/or the Windshield survey.
  • Selected Education Need: If you identified several educational needs in your Vulnerable Population paper, discuss why you selected the one educational topic for your teaching project. Provide supporting evidence for this selection. This section should be one-two paragraphs in length.
  • Brief description of your proposed teaching project: This section should include a discussion of the content that will be provided in the teaching session, the proposed location of the presentation, an estimate of the attendance, the teaching strategies that you plan to use, the teaching tools you will develop, and the evaluation method you plan to use.
  • Anticipated barriers: Discuss any potential implementation barriers that you might encounter. What is your plan for overcoming these barriers if they occur?
  • Conclusion: Summarize what you hope to accomplish with this teaching project.
  • Please use the attached template for your assignment. The template is already APA formatted for you. You can delete the text and type directly into the template.

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