Voting Rights

Voting Rights

Voting Rights. Keep your analyses concise, narrow & focused on the key issues and you should consult in your research at least 2 or 3 of relevant & timely Books (including those available on reserve = online in the Library)

People who are not citizens are legally barred from voting in federal elections. In many states, felons are not allowed to vote. Do you think these restrictions are appropriate? Why or why not? Are there any other factors that should prevent individuals from having legal access to the ballot box?

In addition to a number of relevant articles and essays in scholarly journals and leading news sources or opinion essays.
*Your discussions must consider and weigh different views and outlooks, and analyze the pros & cons of noteworthy current debates and proposals.


What are the voting rights in the United States?: To which groups did the Fifteenth, Nineteenth, Twenty-third, Twenty-fourth, and Twenty-sixth Amendments extend the right to vote?

For example, the Topic of your Paper could be recent issues, controversies, critiques and reform proposals, with respect to 1 of the following political, electoral, policy, or institutional (legislative & executive processes & accountability & oversight) matters =
You might focus on the Presidential Nominating processes, the Primaries, Presidential or Congressional Campaigns, Impacts of Money & PACs on Politics & Policymaking, Voting Rights Issues, Congressional Oversight and/or Budgetary Processes, the Senate Filibuster, or Electoral College Issues

For Example, Sub-Topics of Papers on Democracy & Election Matters could include:


Is voting a privilege or a right in the United States?

Voting Rights

The Voting Rights Act; Court rulings; the proposed For the People Act (S. 1) & John Lewis Act; Redistricting; Gerrymanders; Laws and delays in counting or receiving ballots; impacts of early and mail-in voting; state legislative voter suppression efforts, or frivolous lawsuits, based on alleged electoral fraud; state recounts, runoffs, recalls, referenda, and ballot initiatives; and debates over the unrepresentative & undemocratic nature of our election systems, including such matters as: how Electoral College numbers are allocated among states with different populations; the winner-take-all systems adopted in most states, instead of Proportional Representation (adopted in many Primaries) or Ranked Choice Voting; and the national popular vote Interstate Compact Electoral College reform passed by many states.