Vocal Health

Keeping up with one’s vocal health is a crucial and necessary part of any singer’s belief.
Just as one avoids getting burned by hot objects or getting pierced or cut by sharp items, there are certain methods and rules that a single can use to preserve his or her voice each and every single day. As for myself, I knew a few of these methods, but after reading David Otis Castonguay’s article on vocal health, I feel ensured that my voice will remain in its top condition as long as I follow the guidelines provided in the article.According to Castonguay, for many high school student singers, the choral director is the “first line of defense” for one’s vocal health. A choral director diagnoses the singing ability of a student and is able to distinguish all of the faults and bad singing habits present in the student’s singing. Thanks to the advice of the choral director, many singers are protected from various conditions that are potentially harmful to one’s vocal health.There are many body conditions that can either benefit one’s vocal health, or endanger it. For example, keeping a good general health and avoiding viral colds can maximize the singing ability of any person.
Regular exercising can help reduce physical and mental stress in order to reduce vocal distress as well. One extremely important method is to keep one’s body hydrated by drinking approximately 7 to 9 glasses of water daily. By doing so, the strain on the voice is lowered significantly and therefore prolongs the voice’s stability.Various practices designed for vocal use were also included in Castonguay’s article. Vocal warm-ups are definitely a must for all singers before singing. Singers should also learn to use their voices in the least strenuous way possible. This includes avoiding screaming, loud laughter, and heavy throat clearing.

A good way to tell whether or not a high school student is prepared to sing is to test whether or not he or she could sing for 3 to 4 hours per day and keep his or her voice intact.Personally, I thought that this vocal health article was extremely beneficial and knowledgeable. What I enjoyed most about it was the fact that some of the methods included in the article are so simple and easy to reenact in everyday life that by simply remembering and following them, a singer can take a much better advantage of his or her voice. Indeed, just as a man with a fragile arm worries over it, every singer in the world should care for his or her vocal health.

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