Visual Description Nefertiti

For my visual description, I decided to write about Infertility from Outmost, created between BCC. Infertility represents royalty, and many women view her as a symbol for beauty. Found in the city of Kathleen along other items in the sculptor studio that represented the royal family. This three dimensional limestone sculpture standing 20″ tall, represents the wife of Pharaoh Generate. Modeling her face to make it look subtle, the artist used very thin layers of plaster.
Looking at this sculpture, one would feel as they are looking at a life like person, which is why it’s remarkable. The plaster starts thin to define her face and becomes thicker when creating the neck and the head dress. The pupil of the right eye was created with what appears to be black paint, but the left eye doesn’t have a pupil present. Infirmities teal colored crown, has a gold band looped around the bottom.
A ribbon is wrapped around her crown, with each end stopping above her left and right ear. A erasures (signifying royalty) is above brow on the headdress, yet broken. The skin and bone structure, very much symmetrical can be shown as elegant as she looks. The artist used a contour technique to create her face, high cheekbones and the hollowness of her cheeks.. Looking at the lines used, it can be seen as subtle movements. The carved movements, help create amazing cheekbone structure.

From her headdress to her cheeks, a triangle can be formed, continuing to the lines of her neck, under her chin a perfect triangle Is created. This sculpture In the round when viewed from the side, can be seen as creating a 90 degree angle. Walking around the sculpture you can see the symmetrical used to create her headdress and make this sculpture life like. Although the damages to the ear and headdress makes you realize how ancient this Is, her beauty seems to travel.