Veterans ptsd

Veterans ptsd. Conceptual Frameworks or Theories Relevant to your Clinical Problem and Population of Interest. Provide an introduction to the clinical problem of interest in your specific patient population. The clinical problem of interest will be based on your clinical specialty and be an important topic for advanced practice nursing.

Here are examples: Pediatrics- childhood obesity, OB– c-section rates, Geriatrics– falls, Psych– suicide

~ Be specific about your target population

Here are examples –obesity in school age children, OB–first time mothers, Falls–patients with dementia– suicide– veterans

THEN write about Your perceived need for change in practice and the rationale for such change (use references)
Discuss the incidence and prevalence of the clinical problem (use references)
Discuss the significance of the problem (what happens if this issue is not addressed) (use references)
NEXT: Identify two conceptual frameworks (Grand Theories) or a middle range theory that may be applied to the study of your clinical problem within the context of your target population. You can use frameworks or theories of nurse theorists or other health scientists (interprofessional)
Address each theory separately: Summarize the major propositions of each theory (proposition is the relationship between two concepts in a theory~ remember a theory is a set of interrelated propositions). Therefore, you discuss the concepts related to each other in a framework or theory. (use references)
Discuss how the conceptual framework or theory is relevant to your clinical problem and target population.
This is the first step in identifying a clinical problem for your DNP Project and the theoretical framework that will guide the project.

As this is a theory course, think about the theories that YOU relate to based on your PHILOSOPHY or worldview. As advance practice nurses, we each may have a different lens from which we view the world. So, the theory or framework you select may be different from a colleagues for the exact same clinical problem

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