Vespucci View on Native Americans

The impression that I got from people accounted to Vespucci is that Native Indians are barbarians with no shame. Vespucci gives the impression by showing that they are cannibals (Vespucci 18). For example, they will eat human flesh from their enemies. They have no leader and no rules are set. Basically, I picture humans running around like wild animals without shame. In addition, the men are lustful without shame, taking as much women as they can. Even the women are crazy; they would cause abortion if their husband anger them (Vespucci 18).
I get the impression that they have no remorse and that they are evil. The only positive thing that I feel is that they are creative, when it comes to music and that food is plentiful. For example, the Indians play various instruments such as horns and bells (Vespucci 18). Overall, I feel that these Indians are too psychotic and that they need to reform their ways immediately. The document shows that the author is pretty honest, but cocky. He would offer friendship first, but if the Indians do not accept, they would be subjected to slavery (Vespucci 18).
This shows me that he’s at least fair when making deals. I feel that he’s fascinated by the way the Indians live, but not in a good way. His tone is arrogant, because his people see Indians as a pathetic civilization. The author shows that he did not know that such people existed, until he discovered them. He contradicts himself though, when he would capture Indians and make them into slaves if they did not accept his friendship. Enslaving people is also immoral and unethical. Vespucci is a bit headstrong when judging others, when he too is judged by others.

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